Because why not have an archery range...

Just becuase it came to mind during the day, I decided to jump on the server and think about some form of game to play with others that were on. I caught a video of someone who made an archery range that illuminated a light near you when you hit the center of the target. Ta-dah...

A simple, yet challenging little game to shoot some time later on. Pretty much Lara now.



I leave it alone for 5 minutes...

Apparently people have been busy on the server. I wasn't on over the weekend and decided to pop on this evening to see if all was OK, as I got notifications a couple days back that it had gone down and I restarted it whilst I was out.

I'm glad I did have a quick look as it appears an entire zoo has appeared. Very impressive in such a short amount of time...

Loads of stuff going on with underwater and undersea walkways and glass floor walkways over the top of enclosures. Impressive. Nice work team.



I wasn't sure at first, but now I quite like it...

The faithful Brewdog has had an overhaul of its design to "grow up" and shake up their branding by the looks of it. I wasn't sure at first, but now I have picked up a pack to inspect in detail, and ensure the product tastes the same (spoiler alert: still perfect), it is growing on me and I think I quite like it. A dash of instagram...

After a couple "tests" and being satisfied with the product, I remembered the very recent fanboy moment of building their (now old) logo on the Minecraft server, amongst others by Rux. Although I did that build by hand, I realised that if I "stand it up" (it being a can, and all) I can generate one thanks to the brilliant work of They have made a brilliant tool that generates minecraft block art from a submitted picture and offers and option to output it into commands to generate it in game. Resulting in...

That took all of a few minutes. Excellent. Anyway, I think the new branding of "New Brewdog" is a grower and hopefully I can get to "inspect" all the new designs to make sure they are just as good as the old ones, for the act of science etc. Annoying that I haven't finished my Interstate Sticker Book and now they have more to add. Nevermind. Cheers all.



I haven't been this excited about Minecraft...

So in the rekindled love of Minecraft, the searches about YouTube and Blogs to see what I have been missing out on has been fun. I find I regularly jump on to a local server to go and investigate something I haven't seen before or an item I haven't used. But for the first time in a while, I'm actually excited about an update that is coming out. 1.16 - The Nether Update.

I jumped on to have a quick look this evening. Snapshot 20w06a was available and I dived in. The random seed I got was actually an excellent map (to note for later) and I grabbed some Obsidian. A few seconds later I was greeted with the view above.

I haven't done much with it yet, but from what was a near lifeless, boring world that you only ever briefly skipped though, on your quest for supplies to reach The End. Now suddenly feels like somewhere I'll be spending a lot of time gathering materials and seeing what builds and designs work in there. Shroomlights... I mean, come on, that is genius. That is all. Enjoy.



Maybe Craftdog? I don't know...

My inner child wanted to put colourful blocks together to make a pretty picture. Minecraft obviously offers this facility in abundance. However, my actual self wanted to create something a little more grown up...

Yep. So that happened. Moving right along...



Sometimes I really wish I could draw...

Rux threw a logo at me last night and said "here is a thing I did a while ago, use it if you want". So I will. Ha. Thanks mate! I sometimes really wish I could draw. With a pen and paper would be nice, but I would love to have the skills to do so digitally. She sent over this stunning design, of which I have adjusted slightly and poured some colour in.

I will probably play about with colours and stuff to incoporate it into the theme here over the next couple days. The horrible Windows 95 green is gone (that was a short phase) but this navy background colour is pretty neat.

It looks pretty tidy on the server listing... Hmmm.



Oh, and being Tinkerknock's bitches...

I don't want to turn the daily adventures into a very slow blog about Minecraft, but tonight was another learning curve.

The three of us set off on horseback to discover new lands and render some map. We learnt so much about what has changed since we all last played at length. I can't remember when it was I really put the hours into MC, but it must have been around the 1.7.x time as I found some old plugins in some folders I was messing about with. Doing a little bit of the Google puts that at about early 2014. I have jumped on occasional server since then, but never getting stuck into it like this.

Where was I? Oh yeah, exploring. So it turns out, Rux is an absolute explosion of MC knowledge and knew of so much that has been going on in the more later releases. We discovered how to get air under water and to rise up and fall faster in doing so. We'd seen shipwrecks in the world, but didn't realise their hidden treasures. Speaking of treasures... an actual treasure map! After a bit of digging about in some sand, my companions found the first chest of goodies...

The quest even found us on cold landscapes of ice with these dudes...

I think by this point, Tink had lost her mind and we had to drag her back to earth with some hard combat. Tink had never completed "The End" and how difficult could it be? From past experience, as long as you go in with some good kit... fairly straightforward. WRONG!

It seems during the process of developing the game, those in charge of the code decided to make it completely ninja in all aspects to succeed in "The End". We demonstrated this increase in difficulty by wearing full enchanted armour, weapons and grabbed a load of other kit needed. We gazed in awe over the portal and took a breath as we jumped in... all very confident and casual with our decision. Within about 30 seconds... all of us were dead. No joke. Done. Haha. It was amusing, but something couldn't have been set right... we didn't stand a chance.

Anyway, after we licked our wounds we carried on with building... well, Tinkerknock just cracked the whip and told us what to do whilst chasing us around with a creeper head on. We'll grow up one day, just not quite yet.

The map is taking shape and I hired the expert help of Rux to sort out some of the mess I had made... taking lame boring builds and creating wonders.

Updated the lastest image. Click to view live. Cya.



We're back and cooking on self-farmed kelp...

There seems to be something very satisfying about automating the production of something in Minecraft. I've never really bothered with it in the past, but now I can really see why people do it. We are underway with building and creating random stuff on the map, I thought I'd work through some tutorials and see what I can come up with.

It is very satisfying to see a "machine" take shape, the simple brilliance of their design and how well they have been condensed into such small builds by people in (I'm sure) many iterations. I'll post some pics of a few later.

The server has been well used today, with a friend of a friend joining and a chilled evening for me. New starter is by far the fastest survival builder I have ever seen...

This was what she came up with just this evening. I popped back, after what seemed like not very long, to see that she had pretty much got all she wanted built for the night and was about to logoff. That is pretty impressive for one night's work. Love it. Take a bow, Rux.

To see how things are going, you can view the Dynamic Map using the correct address as I sorted out the DNS issue. As it turns out, I can't spell.



I'll upload some scripts soon, I've just been busy working.

I know I keep saying about getting back into the scripting but I have just been so busy to get round to actually posting content.
I have thrown together a few helpful scripts of late and I'll get them on here soon. I'll also have to explain my methods, because I don't like trying to condense everything and make "one liners". I like to write scripts that step through logically and output useful details about where they are up to and what is going on. Using PowerShell's Write-Host and the many colours it allows, makes for a nice touch. I'd much rather that compares to something sitting silent and processing stuff in the background whilst the user doesn't know what is going on. Even if it is just cosmetic, I think it is just nice to look at. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow... Strong.

A good example of that came from today's requirement for some PowerCLI. Combining some different articles I have read, I wrote something that allows you to reduce disk sizes in VMware. Although this is not new, it was a good excuse to get colourful and detailed on the output. See my tweet about it and the image posted.

I know there is a need for Verbose, but sometimes it is just nice to present something different. I'm going to use it, so I might as well enjoy it. I also know that I am very overdue posting PowerShell content, but this is all the same. :)



Time to get back to it and stop messing about with CSS...

Leaving the design of the page alone for a little while, I can get back to the PowerShell. I'm very much using this post as a little test to see if all the components are working OK... and they seem to be. So now I can get back to uploading some of the scripts and stuff that I have been using recently.



A better map for all! Well... for Tinkerknock.

I hosted a LAN for the first time in a very long time at the weekend. A good excuse to get everyone over to see the new place, but also to escape reality a little, catch up and shoot some baddies. A good mix of games played too... KF2, Garry's Mod, Civ6 etc.

During the night, a friend was testing out the server and identified that it was actually quite the rubbish map. So now that she has a new rig, and is back on the MC hype, I reset it and have been on a fair bit in the last day or so.

Just a quick view of "Spawn". We need to think of a new name...



I don't know how much use I'll be, but it is nice to be included in the Community.

So whilst I have been messing about with the design, I got a github notification to advise that my pull request had been approved and I have been added to the PlanetPowerShell repo. I had a look this morning to see that I am now "published" on the community authors page. That is pretty neat. I had to update the location, as I had moved since I originally submitted it... but I am here...

It is exactly typical that it happens when my blog is currently down, whilst I tinker with the design. However, it has given me the urge to get more content posted and maybe it will be of use to someone. You'll have to excuse the old content coming back when I merge it all together later down the line. For now though, I get to put a little image on the site to show that I am now featured.



I thought I would try something a little different. It was entertaining to make, at least.

Quite a bit has been going on recently, primarily moving house again. Now I'm settled, I can get back into tinkering with design and generally all the things. There was no real reason behind this other than I played on a "Win98 Simulator" type app that brought back the earlier memories of Win95 and I thought I'd push for that kind of design for a while. I loved the days of messing about with "system32" files to see what they did and regularly breaking the first home PC we had as a family. I learnt so much from those days and it set me up to break and learn forever more.

The Win95 design is entirely written in CSS. It was entertaining to work out the margin and padding combinations to mimic the "depth" offered by the different colours surrounding the "windows". I think it has got off to a good start and I'll continue in my free time to work out more... just because. :)